Netflix will make you pay more if you watch movies and series on weekends

Netflix is probably the best platform for playing series and movies in streaming that currently exists on the network. Thanks to it, users can access a large library of content by paying only a fee (quite cheap) per month, also being one of the platforms thanks to which piracy has been reduced. However, it seems that the concept of “economic quota” can lose its value, at least, if you dedicate the weekends to watch series or movies through this platform.

Currently, subscription plans to Netflix could be summarized, mainly, in 3: a basic plan, with SD video for 7.99 euros per month, a standard plan, with HD video and 9.99 euros per month and possibility to see it on two computers or devices at the same time and a premium plan with Ultra HD video and with the possibility of viewing it on 4 computers or devices at the same time.

Netflix will make you pay more if you watch movies and series on weekends

Within the limitations of these plans, the use of the platform is unlimited. While our subscription is active we can see everything we want without restrictions, or at least it has been so far.

As commented by the partners of AdslZone, it is possible that Netflix is studying the possibility of starting to charge more users to be able to enjoy the platform on weekends. Specifically, the company could offer new plans with access on weekends 20% more expensive than what the normal plans cost, leaving the current plans, probably, to be able to enjoy the platform during the week.

At the moment, the company is carrying out the first tests of this new (and abusive) business model in Australia, although at the moment it is not known if it will finally reach the whole world or it will simply be a test that, due to criticism from its user community, finally be forgotten and continue the rates we know so far.

Limit of hours? Night plan? Netflix could surprise us any day with new plans

As we have said, at the moment the overpriced weekend is only being studied, and due to a large number of user reviews (and it is not for less), the most likely thing is that it never ends up reaching the rest of the world, it will even disappear from Australia. However, it is clear that the company is looking for new ways to increase its income, and sooner or later will come with some measure that, surely, is equal to or worse than this.

Who knows if one day the platform begins to limit the hours per day or the number of chapters of a series that we can see from the pull, or raise the price to users who want to do night sessions through the platform.

These movements will not like the users, they will even cause many to stop being subscribers of the platform, however, as there is no alternative to the height of this, finally we all end up going through the hoop.

What would you think of a change in Netflix subscription plans?