Most viewers Twitch Streamers ever had at a time.

Twitch is one of the most famous live streaming platform that generates a lot of online content every minute. Users and streamers extensively take part by streaming on online gaming and playing them. This article will talk about the highest number of viewers streamers ever had. The data is according to the Twitch metrics and hence is very reliable. So let’s move forward with this and we will amaze you with the number of viewers that these streamers had ever received which is the highest in the history of Twitch.

Top 25 list of most viewers’ twitch streamers has ever had.

  1. Summit1g

We have Summit1g on the top of our list with 12,118,262 viewers per hour and this number is the greatest of all time. Summit1g is an American Twitch streamer and has become popular playing games like H1Z1, Player Unknown’s battlegrounds, GTA, etc.

  1. Riot Games

The second streamer on our list with 10,172,827 viewers per hour.

  1. Overwatchleague

9,070,635 viewers per hour

  1. Tfue

8,818,856 viewers per hour

  1. Loltyler1

8,626,035 viewers per hour.

  1. Ninja

7,081,048 viewers per hour.

  1. sodapoppin

6,860,185 viewers per hour.

  1. DreamLeague

5,934,482 viewers per hour.

  1. LIRIK

5,724,178 viewers per hour.

  1. DreamHackDota2_RU

5,597,871 viewers per hour.

  1. shroud

5,060,173 viewers per hour.

  1. Alanzoka

4,348,595 viewers per hour.

  1. TimTheTatman

4,303,839 viewers per hour.

  1. Yassuo

3,992,465 viewers per hour.

  1. gaules

3,825,916 viewers per hour.

  1. TwitchPresents

3,474,396 viewers per hour.

  1. xQcOw

3,453,960 viewers per hour.

  1. fextralife

3,402,899 viewers per hour.

  1. lol_ambition

3,250,742 viewers per hour.

  1. dakotaz

2,880,292 viewers per hour.

  1. forsen

2,867,029 viewers per hour

  1. Vader

2,842,453 viewers per hour.

  1. Hanryang1125

2,736,435 viewers per hour.

  1. Greekgodx

2,614,467 viewers per hour.

  1. LCK_Korea

2,602,425 viewers per hour.

These were the most viewed channel until now on Twitch. Definitely, you are amazed looking at the number of followers gained by them, wasn’t it great to see them. Most of the streamers are already very famous and known by all Twitch users. Empire and Puzzle Hack

Our work is done. Now it’s your turn to go and make ways to gain such viewer and not just be their selves among the viewers.

Who are some of the most interesting or notable Instagram users?

We all know that the number of users on Instagram is increasing day by day. All people irrespective of their age find Instagram very interactive and appealing. Township cheats never fail to post our day to day activities and love to see what others are doing.

In this great obsession toward Instagram, all that we are worried about is to increase our followers and be an Instagram master. We tend to follow those who have already won so many hearts all around. So, this article will tell you about the most interesting and notable users on Instagram and hence the most followed one.

We already know that it takes a lot to become notable among millions of followers and be a sensation for them.

Let’s talk about some of them and explore their page with us as its good to get inspired and learn from others.

1- Instagram

Instagram stands first among the most followed account by having 281 million followers. It’s an Instagram official account founded in 2010 by @Kevin and @mikeyk. The account’s bio says Discovering and telling stories from around the world.

The account constantly posts pictures and good content that keeps you engaged and engrossed into it. As the bio says, it tells stories about different places, people and things. The stories will really keep you going with that account for always. The amount of followers is enough to predict the love for the page.


Cristiano Ronaldo has won hearts all over as a great footballer. No doubt on Instagram people will follow him and express their love. Christiano Ronaldo has 155 million followers from all around the world. Among the followers, there are also many celebrities. We all know that he is a Portuguese footballer and even a captain. His Instagram account is filled with great pictures of his on a field football match, pictures with his family and friends and many of his prestigious moment with great people. Christiano Ronaldo is a remarkable player and that quality of his has won so many hearts on Instagram.

3- Selena Gomez

The question is who doesn’t follow her? Right? Well, I do. Whether its men or women she is loved by all for her soulful voice and shining beauty, Selena Gomez has 146 million followers on Instagram. Her profile is filled will with her beautiful and mesmerizing pictures. No one would ever fail to like her and her profile because it’s just fabulous.

4- Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande also holds 146 million followers and her profile is filled with her pictures about her songs, her childhood, and her exciting daily feeds. She also never fails to impress her fans with her soulful voice and mesmerizing beauty. She is among the most famous singer in the whole world.

5- Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

We all know him and yes he is among the most followed people on Instagram. He is known for his great professional wrestling career. Besides Wrestling the Rock is also an American Actor and producer. His has 132 million followers on Instagram.

6-Kim Kardashian 

Kim Kardashian is an American media personality, entrepreneur, socialite, and a great actress. She has grown widely on social media in recent years and has also become an Instagram sensation having 128 million followers. Her feeds are very interesting and followed by many as we all love to know what’s going in Kardashian’s family.

7-Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is an American television personality, model, entrepreneur and of course a social media personality too. She has 27 million followers on Instagram, isn’t that amazing? She is a part of the Kardashian family and has been also starred in Keeping Up with the Kardashian.

These were some of the renowned people on Instagram and I am sure all of us would be already following them. This information was from the recent statistics done on the number of followers. There can be a possibility of a change in some values but we have tried to give you the recent update we could about the notable users on Instagram.

Netflix will make you pay more if you watch movies and series on weekends

Netflix is probably the best platform for playing series and movies in streaming that currently exists on the network. Thanks to it, users can access a large library of content by paying only a fee (quite cheap) per month, also being one of the platforms thanks to which piracy has been reduced. However, it seems that the concept of “economic quota” can lose its value, at least, if you dedicate the weekends to watch series or movies through this platform.

Currently, subscription plans to Netflix could be summarized, mainly, in 3: a basic plan, with SD video for 7.99 euros per month, a standard plan, with HD video and 9.99 euros per month and possibility to see it on two computers or devices at the same time and a premium plan with Ultra HD video and with the possibility of viewing it on 4 computers or devices at the same time.

Netflix will make you pay more if you watch movies and series on weekends

Within the limitations of these plans, the use of the platform is unlimited. While our subscription is active we can see everything we want without restrictions, or at least it has been so far.

As commented by the partners of AdslZone, it is possible that Netflix is studying the possibility of starting to charge more users to be able to enjoy the platform on weekends. Specifically, the company could offer new plans with access on weekends 20% more expensive than what the normal plans cost, leaving the current plans, probably, to be able to enjoy the platform during the week.

At the moment, the company is carrying out the first tests of this new (and abusive) business model in Australia, although at the moment it is not known if it will finally reach the whole world or it will simply be a test that, due to criticism from its user community, finally be forgotten and continue the rates we know so far.

Limit of hours? Night plan? Netflix could surprise us any day with new plans

As we have said, at the moment the overpriced weekend is only being studied, and due to a large number of user reviews (and it is not for less), the most likely thing is that it never ends up reaching the rest of the world, it will even disappear from Australia. However, it is clear that the company is looking for new ways to increase its income, and sooner or later will come with some measure that, surely, is equal to or worse than this.

Who knows if one day the platform begins to limit the hours per day or the number of chapters of a series that we can see from the pull, or raise the price to users who want to do night sessions through the platform.

These movements will not like the users, they will even cause many to stop being subscribers of the platform, however, as there is no alternative to the height of this, finally we all end up going through the hoop.

What would you think of a change in Netflix subscription plans?

What do we learn from the top searches made by Romanians on Google in 2018

Like every year, December is the time when Google launches the top most popular words and events in the past 12 months, both internationally and in Romania. Leaving aside the Romanians’ interest for all kinds of TV shows such semi-erotic Island Love or intricate dishes such polenta on top of me fascinates me popular searches and searches like What is .. ., I think this reflects a little our intelligence as a people and everyday preoccupations. You not?

Most Popular Searches:

  1. Outcomes baccalaureate
  2. National evaluation results
  3. eMag Black Friday
  4. world Championship
  5. Simona Halep
  6. Orthodox calendar
  7. Word Picnic
  8. Andrei Gheorghe
  9. Avicii
  10. High school admissions
  11. Instagram كلمة السر الإختراق

BAC and evaluation are normal to be in the top, but it’s great how much eMag has been associated with Black Friday, basically, the world ignores the rest of the Black Friday attempts promoted by other online stores, and they just catch the eye, offers. That 60% of the products are cheaper at another time of year is another discussion.

And what is the Orthodox calendar phase, waking up in the morning and looking for Google to see what Saint is today in the calendar?

“What is it…?”

  1. What is bitcoin
  2. What is electricity?
  3. What is on January 24th
  4. What is immunoglobulin?
  5. What is swine fever
  6. What is orgasm?
  7. What is form 600
  8. What is pension pillar 2
  9. What is the corner flower for climbers
  10. What is the noun

Searches for bitcoin have risen in popularity in the opposite direction to the price of the currency, in January it was $ 16,000, now $ 3450. I say to buy as many as you can, it looks like something to come. I’m surprised by the rest of the searches, but I think students are learning from Google on January 24th or orgasm. As for pension pillar 2, you probably understand why the Romanian state wants to steal it, that many of the Romanians do not know about it anyway. That word, why would we want a smart, educated people, when fools are easier to handle?

Sports events

  1. World Football Championship
  2. Australian Open
  3. Wimbledon
  4. US Open
  5. Indian Wells
  6. Roland Garros
  7. Romania – Serbia
  8. Real Madrid – Liverpool
  9. Steaua – Lazio
  10. Winter Olympics

TV shows

  1. Exatlon
  2. The Island of Love
  3. Asia Express
  4. Chefs at knives
  5. The golden deer
  6. Farm of the stars
  7. The voice of Romania
  8. The last tribe
  9. Romanians have talent
  10. Ninja warrior

Going over the leitmotif with I do not watch television, I admit that I have just seen some songs from Voice of Romania (on Youtube). And am I surprised that we have ninja in Romania, does the world really look at it?


  1. Fifty shades freed
  2. The Nun
  3. Venom
  4. Bohemian Rhapsody
  5. Deadpool 2
  6. Jumanji
  7. Morometes 2
  8. Black Panther
  9. A star is born
  10. Red Sparrow

Girls, okay, we still have Fifty Shades this year too?


  1. iPhone XS
  2. Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  3. iPhone X
  4. Huawei P20
  5. Samsung S9
  6. Huawei P20 Lite
  7. Huawei P20 Pro
  8. iPhone XR
  9. Huawei P10 Lite
  10. Samsung Note 9

Mate 20 Pro seems the phone of the year after I tested it. If you have a budget for it, obviously.


  1. Tiramisu original recipe
  2. Guacamole recipe
  3. Carrot spaghetti recipe
  4. It’s a traditional recipe
  5. Mamaliga recipe
  6. Original brioche recipe
  7. Cage recipe
  8. White as a snow recipe
  9. Cheesecake recipe
  10. American recipe recipe

The only traditional stuff here is mumble and cobweb, and I like to appreciate international meals.


  1. The detailed diet
  2. Indian diet
  3. Carmen Bruma diet
  4. Diet Mara Bănică
  5. Diet Tisanoreca
  6. Diet Keto
  7. Danish diet 13 days
  8. Egg diet
  9. Fixed Diet Fixed
  10. Buckwheat Diet

I do not know what these diets are, but I’m sure you’re not recommended to eat your eggs daily.

Lyrics (Artist – Track)

  1. Perfect Lyrics (Ed Sheeran – Perfect)
  2. Panama lyrics (Lino Golden – Panamera)
  3. Djadja lyrics (Aya Nakamura – Djadja)
  4. Dancing Both Lyrics (Nicole Cherry – Dancing Both)
  5. Guz I prefer lyrics (Guz – Prefer)
  6. Jackpot lyrics (The Motans – Jackpot)
  7. Mi Gna lyrics (Maître GIMS – Mi Gna)
  8. Fire verses (5Gang – Fire)
  9. Kisses back lyrics (Matthew Koma – Kisses Back)
  10. Despablito lyrics Delia (Delia x Grasu XXL – Despablito)